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All items that are hired from HIRE ME SA are to be returned in the condition that they are hired out. Any broken or chipped items need to be replaced due to occupational health and safety reasons. Any loss of hire item/s under your care will result in you being liable for the cost of replacement of the hire item/s.


All glassware to be returned clean and ready for inspection. Any unclean glassware items will incur a clean fee.


Any stains to carpet hires will incur a cleaning fee. Any burns, rips, pulls, and/or excessive stains will result in the replacement of the carpet. 


You understand that you are hiring from HIRE ME SA and that a bond may been taken in the event of any damages being made to the hire item/s.


Should the loss and/or damage to the item/s be more than the bond taken, you understand that you may be liable for additional monies in order to remedy the cost of the damage. In the event of non-payment for additional damage you understand that further action could be taken against you in order for HIRE ME SA to recuperate or mitigate their losses over and above the bond taken for your hire.

The deposit and/or initial amount paid is not refundable.


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